How to roll a blunt without licking

What is a roll a blunt? A blunt is similar to a joint, in that it is essentially a marijuana cigarette. But unlike joints, the defining feature of a blunt is that it is wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper, rather than a standard rolling paper. This feature provides many of the distinctive qualities of a blunt, including taste, smell, effect, and burn time. roll a blunt
roll a blunt
The defining feature of a blunt is that it is wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper.
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Within the cannabis community, blunts can be a bit polarizing. Some smokers are avid fans of blunts, essentially smoking nothing else, while others are turned off by the sometimes strong smells and tastes associated with the tobacco leaf wrap. Learning how to roll a perfect blunt takes practice, so if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying!

What you need to roll a blunt

To roll and smoke blunts like a pro you will need a handful of key components. Obviously, you will need your cannabis strain of choice. Since you’ll have to grind your bud before rolling your blunt, it is best to also have a reliable grinder. To keep your work space tidy, a rolling tray will also come in handy roll a blunt.

Additionally, you will need rolling papers. Rolling papers are the most important element of a blunt, since the tobacco leaf wrap is the very definition of what makes a blunt a blunt. Selecting the right tobacco wrap is at the heart of rolling blunts, as blunt aficionados tend to be very loyal to one particular brand of tobacco wrapping paper, using their brand of choice almost exclusively.

There are two main ways to procure your tobacco wrapping paper. Traditionally, you purchase a pre-rolled cigar or cigarillo, empty out the contents, and then repurpose the tobacco wrapping paper by filling it with weed before re-rolling it into a blunt. Popular cigar and cigarillo brands include roll a blunt:

blunt is a roll of cannabis inside of cigar or blunt wrap of your choosing. When smoked, they create an elevated effect due to the tobacco in the leaf roll a blunt,

  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • Backwoods
  • White Owl
  • Phillies

The other type of blunt wrap is a tobacco leaf paper that comes as-is and is not a pre-filled cigar or cigarillo. Zig Zag Blunt Wraps are probably the most common wrap in this category.

Using Blunt Wraps (Like Zig Zags) roll a blunt

The method we covered above is the old-school way to roll up a blunt. But in recent years, some companies have begun selling their own blunt wraps, sometimes called “blunt skins.” Zig Zag is one prominent example roll a blunt.

Using blunt wraps is significantly easier than emptying out a cigar. Simply open a package and take out one of the blunt wraps inside. Then, repeat steps 4 and 5 from above. Once you do, give the blunt a few minutes to dry. If you have any questions, check out this video.

Stock Up on Blunt Supplies Before You Start Rolling

Now that you have an idea of how to roll a blunt, all you need is the materials. That part’s actually easy! Stop by any of these dispensaries and browse their selection. Find your favorite strain to twist up and get rolling! roll a blunt

Roll a blunt

roll a blunt w/o licking on it?

are there some effective ways to roll a blunt without having to lick on it to seal it?
for some reason i feel super dizzy and sick after licking 2 much on the blunt wraps
What I like to do it coat where I would lick with some honey. Makes the blunt burn super slow as well. Also works for joints. Happy Toking frient!

How To Roll A Cross Joint?

Do you want to know how to roll a cross joint? To roll a cross joint you will need to be able to roll a basic straight and also a cone. Don’t worry if you can’t roll a joint yet. You should visit our joint rolling page and learn how to roll one of these first. Assuming you are prepared then read on…
Note – Quantities are for illustrative purposes and should not be used as a guide. You should put as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Always be responsible.

Cross Joint – The Essential Rolling Guide

Materials List: Weed, Tobacco, Rolling Papers, Roach Card, Screw/ Sharp Implement.

The cross joint is made of two joints. The cross part of the joint is generally shorter than the main joint. It must also be thin enough to fit through the main joint – you can make the main joint slightly larger to compensate.

Cross Joint - The Essential Rolling Guide
Cross Joint – The Essential Rolling Guide

The Cross Part Of The Joint: 

This smaller joint should be rolled without a roach. Aim to roll the joint as flat as possible and distribute the contents evenly throughout the rolling paper. Once rolled, poke each end of the joint and twist the ends. The twists will help you insert the cross into the main joint later.

Pierce a hole in the centre of the joint. Make sure the hole goes through the joint, but be careful not to tear the roll. This step is crucial, as the hole allows you to draw from the roach end once lit. It’s best to use a sharp implement. Avoid using pens as these may contaminate your roll.

Top Tip: Use a 3mm diameter screw to make the hole. Twisting the screw into the rolling paper makes a clean and consistent bore.

The Main Joint

Roll a joint. Ideally a BIG one. No matter how much weed you put in, it is best to roll a thicker joint that can accommodate the cross part of the joint. The hole for the cross joint should be about three quarters of the way up from the roach end. Where you place your hole will dictate how much smoking time you have before your cross burns out. It can be difficult to get the cross and the main joints to burn out at the same time. This judgement is an art!

Top Tip: Use a 5mm diameter screw to pierce the rolling paper. Twist the screw through the rolling paper and make make sure to get a consistent bore on both sides.

Inserting The Cross Part Of The Joint & Wrapping Up

This part can be fiddly. Make sure that the holes you made in both joints are clear on both sides. You should be able to see daylight through them. We have a video tutorial for rolling a cross joint. Alongside this guide, the video tutorial can help you see how to roll a cross joint and put it together.

Poke the twisted end of the cross part of the joint through the hole in the main joint. Use your fingers to support hole on the side of the rolling paper and pull the cross part of the joint through slightly. Before you set it in position, make sure the hole is aligned with the roach. If you do not do this then there will be no channel for air to flow.

Note: Make sure your hole aligns with the roach.

Tear the glue strip from a rolling paper. This is used to wrap the hole to seal the join between the two joints. Once you have your cross joint constructed you need to seal it to make sure you create a good seal. It’s all about creating that trifecta!

Wrap the hole from each side several times. If you do not make sure the joins are properly sealed then your cross joint will not toke. We recommended thoroughly wetting the glue strip and wrapping both sides, top and bottom and back to front roll a blunt.

Step-by-step instructions for rolling a blunt

Step 1: Grind your weed

Before you start rolling your blunt, it’s a good idea to complete a little prep work. Most importantly, that means having your weed ground up and ready to go. That way when you’ve broken down and cleaned out your wrap, you can move right into rolling your ground cannabis.

The best way to grind your weed is with a grinder. This tool gives you the most consistent grind, which translates into a smoother, more even burn. If you don’t have a grinder, carefully break apart your weed with your fingers. Shoot for picking it apart into small pieces that are more or less the same size. As you go, be as delicate as you can to minimize damage to the cannabinoid-rich trichomes.

Blunt is a roll of cannabis inside of cigar or blunt wrap of your choosing. When smoked, they create an elevated effect due to the tobacco in the leaf

Step 2: Select your wrap

As mentioned above, die-hard blunt smokers tend to define themselves by their wrap of choice. If you’re new to blunts, experiment with a handful of different brands. You might even want to test a flavored wrap. Enjoy figuring out which blunt wrap you like the best. Or, if you like a couple of different brands, feel free to switch things up according to how you’re feeling at the moment.

Step 3: Break down the wrap

The cleanest and most precise way to break down the wrap is to use a razor blade to split the cigar or cigarillo lengthwise down the middle. You can also use your hands; just be very careful that you break apart the wrapper without tearing it all the way through or cracking it. Once you’ve opened the cigar or cigarillo, simply empty out and discard the tobacco inside the wrap.

Step 4: Moisten the wrap

It’s a good idea to get the wrap slightly moist, as this makes the tobacco leaf more pliable and easier to work with. You can use either water or saliva for this. Some folks lick the blunt wrap while others use a paintbrush moistened with water. Whatever you do, don’t get it sopping wet — you don’t want the entire thing to disintegrate. Just moisten the wrap enough to make it easier to handle.

Step 5: Place weed in wrap

Hold the tobacco wrap in one hand, typically your non-dominant hand. Position your index fingers and thumbs in such a way that you form the wrap into a U-shaped trough. Now, grab a pinch of your ground-up marijuana and place it inside the tobacco wrap, forming a line that runs the full length of the wrap. Be sure you don’t overfill it—you still need enough space to wrap the tobacco leaf into a cylinder that completely encases the marijuana.

Step 6: Roll up your blunt

Use both hands to gently rock the wrapping paper back and forth. As you engage in this motion, you should be tamping down and evening out the marijuana. This technique will begin to shape your blunt into a cylinder that is uniform in thickness. When you’ve got the right shape formed, bring one edge of the wrap up and over the marijuana, and tuck it underneath the opposite side of the wrap. At this point, the wrap should completely encase the marijuana.

Step 7: Seal your blunt

Hold the edge of the wrap that is now on top of the other edge and use your tongue to dampen it. Lick the inside of the wrap and, when it’s moist, press it down on top of the other edge of the wrap. The moisture should make the tobacco stick to itself, thereby sealing the blunt shut. Be sure that the seam you just made is sealed along the entire length of the blunt. 

Finally, use a lighter and run the flame up and down along the seam. This dries out the tobacco and locks the seam into place so the blunt doesn’t fall apart when you’re smoking it.

Step 8: Light up your blunt and enjoy

Now it’s time to light up one end of your blunt and pull the smoke through the other end. Enjoy

Why people like blunts

Many marijuana consumers have strong feelings about blunts. Those who love blunts tend to really love them. There are a handful of reasons why blunt lovers prefer this method of smoking above other methods:

  • Taste and smell – Many blunt fans enjoy the added tastes and smells that come from the tobacco leaf wrap. Aficionados often like mixing and matching wraps with different strains. Some blunt smokers also like experimenting with flavored blunt wrappers, introducing even more complexity to the taste and scent profiles of their smoking experience.
  • Slow burn – Blunts tend to burn a bit longer than  standard joints, giving smokers an experience more akin to slowly puffing on a cigar or cigarillo.
  • Versatility – Compared to other, less mobile smoking methods, such as a bong or dabbing, blunts are incredibly versatile. You can easily and quickly roll one up anytime and anywhere, and they’re equally effective for solo and social smoking. 
  • Effects – The tobacco leaf wrap introduces a new and often heightened sensation of feeling high. In fact, it’s fairly common for first-time blunt smokers to feel a bit overwhelmed by the combined tobacco-plus-cannabis buzz. But this is precisely the effect that many blunt fans want.

Why people hate blunts

Interestingly, the reasons some people love blunts are also the reasons other people hate blunts. Specifically, people who hate blunts tend to be turned off by:

  • The smell and taste of the tobacco wrap.
  • The sometimes harsh smoke produced by the tobacco wrap.
  • The additional “buzzy” effects typically produced by inhaling smoke from the tobacco wrap.

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Bottom line

Blunts are excellent choices for cannabis connoisseurs who favor strong aromas and flavors accompanied by a slow burn and intense high.

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